latex mattress padLATEXPEDIC®
Native to Brazil

Latexpedic® comes from the Hevea Brasilienis tree, originally native to the AmAz.on Jungles of Brazill. (the first rubber ball was invented by the Mayans over 3500 years ago.) Latex is white and milky in appearance, has an elastic consistency, and is removed from the tree through a process called "rubber tapping" - similar to tapping trees for maple syrup. Just two centuries ago, the Havea Brasillienis treee was exclusive to the Amazon Rainforest. Today, Latexpedic Foam comes from tropical climates around the world. Latexpedic foam has most of the highest tcustomer satisfaction ratings and reviews for Support, Comfort, Pressure Relief, Durability, Breathability, Health and Luxury.


The LATEX PEDIC® Solid Core Latex Mattress

bariatric mattress
The Solid Core Latex Mattress by LATEX PEDIC® is the newest edition to the line. Incorporating a simple, SOLID 9" CORE of the same ILD density, made from 100% Pure TALALAY Latex. Available in:

Soft (9" 28ILD); Regular Firm (9" 32ILD), Extra Firm (9" 36ILD) and Ultra Firm (9" 44ILD).


Components ILD Scale


Our most popular and widely used TALALAY Latex. Available in all standard mattress sizes.
Pressure Relief Layers: ILD’s 14, 19, 24, 28, 32
Support Cores : ILDʼs 36, 40, 44


Unlike so called natural “soy based foams” that have a maximum of 10% natural content, TALALAY 100% Natural utilizes 100% natural liquid latex for a true eco-friendly solution.
Available in all standard mattress sizes.
Pressure Relief Layers: N1, N2, N3
Support Cores : N4, N5



LI TALALAY Latex provides 33% more Pressure Relief than leading Memory foam.

Pressure mapping tests the amount of pressure your body registers on a selected surface. This technology is widely used throughout the bedding industry to determine the quantity of pressure that a mattress or pillow creates on your body.

Pressure from your mattress and/or pillow prevents your muscles from relaxing which makes it difficult to fall asleep and impairs circulation causing you to toss amp; turn which makes it difficult to stay asleep.

Therefore, the less pressure your mattress and pillow produce on your body the easier it is to fall asleep and the more complete sleep you achieve throughout the night which leads to more energetic and productive days.


Latex International TALALAY Latex is 4x more durable than other latex and 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams.

At Latex International, we continually ensure that our formulas will last the test of time. Using the standardized ASTM Cornell Indentation test we prove that our TALALAY outlasts any other material used for bedding today.

This is the most rigorous and material damaging ASTM standardized test that exists for bedding components. While Latex International TALALAY performs flawlessly over a period of 12 hours representing decades of use, other latex’s break down much more quickly and foams such as memory foam and polyurethane foam actually tear apart within minutes.

The strength of our material allows LI to match any warranty that retail stores choose to offer on their products and assures maximum value for consumers.


Latex International TALALAY Latex breathes up to 7x better than other latex or foams for cooler sleep.


With the 10" Solid Latex Core Mattress, the night is yours. It's simple design: 9" of pure latex, available in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. Select a firmness for your personal use and take a health break.




bariatric mattress

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We specialize in the comfort and support ofbariatricand larger customers.The mattresses we have included in our Bariatric Mattresses Big amp; Tall category will be beneficial forany customer with concerns about support and comfort for their weight and size.

About Bariatric Mattresses

Bedding is very important for heavier individuals with orthopedic needs requiring adequate support. Pressure relief is also a consideration for the prevention of bed sores. There is a difference between firm support and firm feel. You want to select a mattress with firm support and a comfortable feel. If a mattress is to firm it can cause pressure points which can lead to not only bed sores but aches and pains in shoulders and hips and sensitive areas in the back.

Your Bariatric Mattress Specialists

The bed and mattress is the most important purchase you need tostart with.More time is spent in bed than out of bed and the more comfortable the patient is the faster they will respond to treatment. On the next 2 pages you will find what is needed for the Caregiver as well as the patient. Making things easier for everyone is what this site is all about. You can always contact me and I will be ready to work with you and help you with your choices.

Big Boyz Obese Mattress Blue Chip Obesity Mattress Burke Bariatric Disability Mattress Span America Handicap Mattress Volkner Heavy Duty Mattress

Bariatric Mattresses

A special mattress designed for Facilities, Long Term Care and Sleep Centers that has a weight capacity of 750 lbs or 1000 lbs and is constructed so that the mattress is comfortable for any weight patient.A very special mattress.

Powerful Results - Without Power!Sound impossible? With a standard static air system, it is, but thePressureGuardCFT is truly different. It uses patentedConstant Force Technology™to automatically adjust the mattress's network of interconnected air cylinders and elasticized reservoirs to the appropriate, therapeutic levels for each patient, regardless of their weight or position on the surface. Delivers customized pressure reduction comparable to low air loss, while providing patient with a stable surface to maximize functional ability and maintain safe positions.

Thispatented support surface design was developed by Span-America in the late 1980’s in conjunction with Dr. Thomas Krouskop of the Baylor School of Medicine. Computer-guided equipment is used to cut foam into a geometric pattern of supportive cubes that are undercut with an open channel.

Unlike flat orconvoluted ("egg crate") foam, these individual cubes allow the surface to conform to the body and accommodate bony prominences,redistributingpressure across the support surface. This minimizes the pulling of the skin and tissue over bony prominences, thereby offsetting the harmful effects ofshearingforces.
The “Ring of Air” helps todisperse heat and moistureaway from the body and out into the atmosphere. The channel also assists in pressure management by providing, in effect, a layer of air between two layers of foam to enhance conformance of the foam to the body.

A special mattress designed for Facilities, Long Term Care and Sleep Centers. TheseSpecial

mattresses have a weight capacity of 750 lbs or 1000lbs and is constructed so that the mattress is comfortable for any weightpatient.

Next Generation-PowerAlternating Pressure or Lateral Rotation at the Flip of A Switch! With its two distinct therapy modes,the PressureGuard APM2 gives you twice the treatment options. Twice the flexibility. Twice the value.

Change instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessedtoggle switch. Requires no disconnecting or exchanging of air lines.

And, when ordered with the newDeluxe control unit, the APM2 offers even more value. The “Static” button parks the unit in powered flotation mode, temporarily suspending rotation/alternating pressure to facilitate feeding, transfers, dressing changes, etc. The "Low Pressure" indicator light gives users at-a-glance assurance of proper function.

Fighting Ulcers?The Volkner company is recognized internationally as specializing in the manufacture, in the U.S.A, of turning mattress overlays and mattress replacements for the prevention and treatment of bed sores, (pressure sores,decubiti), and as an aid in mobilizing pulmonary secretions.This company has the right answer in all weight capacities and widths to accommodate any size bedand can make special sizes.If you are faced with a Bariatric Patient that needs turning this is the Hi-Tec unit that will handle your problem and the top weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

The bed and mattress is the most important purchase you need tostart with.More time is spent in bed than out of bed and the more comfortable the patient is the faster they will respond to treatment.

Specialists for Hospital Beds

We are a division of ELECTRIC-PEDIC, the World's Best-Built Electric Adjustable Bed. ELECTRIC-PEDIC Adjustable Beds. Adjustable Beds are not Medicare approved.

Do I Qualify for a Medicare Approved Hospital Bed?

Medicare will cover a hospital bed when you can show a medical necessity for the bed. You must also be covered under Medicare Part B and have been assessed by your doctor. The doctor must document your need in your medical records and write you an order (prescription) for the equipment. Only your doctor cthe equipment for you, so do not order anything until you have visited your doctor.

The supplier must receive the order before Medicare is billed and it must be kept on file by the supplier.

How Do I Qualify For a Medicare Approved Hospital Bed?

To qualify for a Medicare Approved hospital bed you must show that you:

The above is the basic criteria for coverage for hospital beds.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent or Buy a Hospital Bed?

After you have paid your annual deductible, you will pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the hospital bed purchase or rental and maintenance. If you have Medigap/Medicare Supplemental insurance you may have little to no out-of-pocket cost.

2-Motor Hospital Beds

(2) Two motor hospital bed.All we really need in your name, date of birth, weight, height, Medicare Card Number and Doctor's Prescription.

Two Motor semi-electric hospital beds allow you to electrically adjust your back and your legs to almost any position you desire.Price includes vinyl covered innerspring or foam mattress and side rails.

Hospital Beds are usually 36" wide (about 2" less wide than a standard, twinsize bed) and 80" long. 84" length is available for those 6'1" and taller at no additional cost.

If you need an optional Gel Pad for comfort, make sure your Doctor includes this item on the Medicare Card.

3-Motor Hospital Beds

3-Motor Fully Electric Hospital Beds allow you to electrically lower and elevate the whole bed up and down. This is useful if you are transferring to a wheelchair; or you are under nurse's care; or you have trouble getting in and out of bed.


Contact us for more information about Bariatric Beds and Hospital Beds


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