Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress Review

Latex Mattress Review

Latex Mattress Review

Natural Latex:  Is it better?

The following statements are  exerpts and paraphrases from SLEEP SAFE in a Toxic World.  Written by Walter BADER, Owner of Organic Pedic Beds.

Natural rubber latex is an excellent core material for mattresses.  It is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, and dust mites will not line in a natural rubber environment.  Natural rubber mattresses provide excellent support in any sleeping position, and instantly conform to any body shape.  Natural rubber has been proben by pressure-sensing test to produce fewer pressure points than do memory-foam mattresses.

What are the low-level, long term exposure to chemicals . . .  

Today's memory-foam, polyurethane, synthetic latex, and thermoplastic fabrics are in fact as "black" as oil even though they are being toutes as "green".  Such ingredients, which are built into almost all popular mattress, come from barrels of crude, not plants.

NOTE:  All chemical components decay over time and emit various substances during the process.  

As for comfort, natural rubber mattresses are great for light sleepers because they absorb approximately 85% of normal sleeping movements.  With a natural rubber mattress, you will hardly be aware of your partner getting up or turning over in bed.

Latex Foam vs a Conventional Mattress/Polyurethane Foam

Covering Fabrics:  Modern mattresses have replaced these natural fibers with synthetic thermoplastic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, and plyvinyl chlorid (PVC).  Paddings:  the padding layers insulate the mattress and add structure and support to its construction.  These layers are most often made of polyurethane foam, convulted foam, synthetic-fiber pads, and/or polyester fibers.

Organic Mattress

organic latex foam

Natural rubber is also the most durable and elastic material available.  Its elastic properties give natural rubber mattresses the ability to retain their shape and original firmness for many years.  They are also excellent heat and moisture regulation, air circulation, and a metal-free sleeping environment.  Natural rubbger latex mattresses have by far the largest share of the organic mattress market.

The bed, as a piece of furniture, is considered the most important piece of furniture in the house.  Not only does a conventional mattress contain an amalgamation of undisclosed chemicals, but it is also the one item in our lives with which we have the most daily contact.  

Simply eliminating as many chemicals as possible in our everyday lives is the most effective way to ensure the health and safety of ourselves and our families.  An organic bedroom is the very best place to start eliminating chemicals due to the amount of time we spend there, and the sheer amount of chemicals we may be exposed to in the long-term breathing environment.  

It is the sum total that ultimately affect and influences long-term health.

Walter BADER Owner, organicpedicbyOMI

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Latex foam mattresses are our specialty.  The Natural foam mattress is so comfortable, please read the organic foam mattress reviews.  The High-Profile Latex foam mattress is the ultimate in comfort.  Before you buy a latex foam bed; latex foam beds are not all alike.  Insist on natural latex foam.  Swiss Rest Natural latex foam mattresses are all latex:  not a percentage of latex and polyurethane foam.  The Latexpedic Talalay latex mattress is recognized as the most comfortable and durable latex foam mattress.  The latex mattress topper is available in 2 to 3 inches; the latex foam mattress topper offers the ultimate in cushioning.

Latex vs Memory Foam
latex foam vs memory foam

Latex vs memory foam:  memory foam sinks to your body weigh.  Tempurpedic is recognized as the best memory foam mattress; and Temperpedic memory foam mattresses are available in many models.  Tempur-pedic is a visco foam mattress; and the Temper-pedic visco elastic foam mattress is good; and now available with a latex memory foam mattres; but most people by reading natural latex mattress reviews would agree that the Tempur-pedic mattress tempur material is rated over 30% less pressure relieving than organic foam.  Organic mattresses, unlike Tempur-pedic Mattresses, are not synthetic and petroleum based.  Organic beds are organic latex mattresses.  The organic latex mattress is made from the milk of the rubber tree.  Organic foam does not out-gas the many chemicals that the Tempur-pedic mattress has been tested to do.  Tempur-pedic mattresses take several days to out-gas most of these chemicals.  

Organic mattress reviews exclaim that organic beds, that are organic latex mattresses, will provide one of the most healthful, sleeping environments.  Natural organic mattresses; with an organic cotton mattress over is one of the best sleeps around.  Compare our organic latex mattresses with the Tempurpedic bed; and the Organic beds offer more elastic support than the Tempurpedic Beds.  Review the Tempur pedic Cloud, made with the tempur cloud material, versus the millions of natual Latexpillo Air Cells; and we believe you will agree that the Temper pedic mattress may offer good pressure relief; but that latex foam mattresses offer even rated to offer 30% more pressure relief.

Many people complain in Tempurpedic reviews that the Tempurpedic mattress gets hot.  Organic latex mattresses are rated 30% more breathable than the Temper pedic mattres.  Organic Latex Mattresses.  Don't Miss Out!  Visit our Latex Foam Mattress Showrooms.

Most of our customers choose latex foam adjustable beds over the memory foam adjustable bed.  The Tempurpedic adjustable bed with the Tempur-pedic adjustable bed memory foam mattress is the top of the line in memory foam adjustable beds:  The Ergo Tempur pedic adjustable bed.  Our customers prefer the support, pressure relief, cushioning and Feel Good of the Latex Foam adjustable bed mattress.  The Latex foam mattress makes the perfect replacement adjustable bed mattress.

foam mattress reviews  / organic bed mattresses

Tempurpedic Mattress / Tempur-pedic Mattresses

As you may see the temper-pedic mattress advertized on TV.  The Temperpedic mattress is always compared to a conventional bed; not a Latex Foam Mattress.  The Temper-pedic mattresses are advertised as the most recommended mattresses; but the Tempur pedic mattress purposely does not compare themselves to a Latex Mattress.  The Tempurpedic memory foam mattress reviews are good; but if you are looking for mattresses for adjustable beds; and are comparing the best memory foam mattress reviews and visco elastic foam mattress to the latex foam mattress or even the new latex memory foam mattress: the comfort mattress is the Latexpedic; the best mattress because it is the most pressure relieving mattress.  If you are in the market for a Used Tempurpedic Mattress or new mattress, especially for an adjustable bed, there are many mattress companies offering a firm mattress; but the best mattress brand is Latexpedic.  

Our best rated mattress is the High Profile.  Choose  a size for your personal use, and take a health break:  twin, full (double, regular size), queen, king, dual queen and dual king.  We are the mattress factory; and we have the best mattress sale prices that allow you to SAVE UP TO 50% & MORE by buying FACTORY DIRECT.

latex foam beds

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Latex Foam vs Memory Foam

NOW!  for the best selection of Latex Foam Mattresses . . . from LatexPEDIC Latex Foam Beds and Mattresses.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  The time you can get a good night's sleep has a lot to do with the way you feel.  Latex Foam is so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself!  Latex Foam is designed to bring you the ultimate in comfort; by supporting, cushioning, and providing pressure relieve by millions of latexPILLO Air Cells, making the time you get a good night's sleep more luxurious.  Select a LatexPEDIC model for your personal use, and take a health break.  Standard 7" thick Latex Foam; High-Profile 9" Latex Foam; Swiss Rest 10" Latex Foam.  Select an Adjustable Bed Latex Foam Mattress Firmness for your personal use, and take a health break:  Soft, Regular Firm and Extra Firm.

Serving all of San Fernando Valley with Latex Mattresses and Infinity Beds Arleta Cahuenga Pass Canoga Park Chatsworth Colfax Meadows Encino Fallbrook Granada Hills Lake View Terrace Mission Hills North Hills   North Hollywood Northridge Pacoima Panorama City Reseda  Sherman Oaks Studio City Sun Valley Sunland-Tujunga    Sylmar Tarzana Van Nuys  West Hills  Woodland Hills. Our Latex Mattress Factory is serving San Fernando Valley with Latex Mattresses and Infinity Beds. Make A Bed World's most comfortable latex mattresses available with the Infinity Bed.

Latex Mattress Mesa AZ.  If yo are in the market for a Natural Latex Mattress and you live in Mesa AZ, please call the Latexpedic Latex Mattress headquarters serving Mesa AZ.

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